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Delivering value for our customers through packaging innovation

Innovation unlocks value and drives growth for our customers

Every day, we help our customers to develop, deliver and scale new sustainable packaging solutions. Recognizing the importance and the challenges of innovation, our approach is both market and data-driven.

With a network of more than 1,600 designers and 30 experience centers, we are the trusted partner of iconic global brands, solving our customers’ biggest challenges and creating efficient, scalable, sustainable packaging solutions to suit their needs.


Our approach to innovation

  • R&D_Centres


    To expand the functionality of paper-based materials we develop new barriers and coatings that can withstand liquid, moisture, grease and weight.
  • Design work


    We harness the power of over 1,600 designers to develop bespoke packaging solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers' products, branding and supply chain.
  • experience centre, innovation


    Every day, we help our customers reduce waste, become more circular and achieve their sustainability goals. We do this by stretching the limits of paper to solve real-world problems.
  • palletization


    We leverage proven insights from over 100,000 supply chains to optimize our customers' packaging, enhance efficiencies and drive business growth.

Experience our innovation

Experience Centre Smurfit Westrock
Our global network of 30 Experience Centers offers an opportunity to collaborate with our customers, and are a place to harness innovation and creativity. Our exhibitions with their virtual reality and inspiration rooms provide a hands-on experience of the innovative strength of our business.
Experience Centre Smurfit Westrock

Our five world-class R&D centers set the global benchmark for the evaluation of paper, board and packaging. From developing new paper grades to ensuring product safety, our R&D centers focus on improving packaging behavior in the supply chain and exploring the relationship between paper, printing inks and printing techniques.

R & D Centre
Supply Smart
Leading the way in rapid innovation in digital, we can create a digital model of our customers’ supply chains which allows us to stress-test their processes in a completely risk-free way. This helps us to optimize their packaging solutions, enhance efficiencies, reduce CO2 emissions during transport and drive business growth.
Supply Smart

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